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The Professor, Part 25

Title: The Professor, Part 25
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Character(s): Neville, Theo, Charlie
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): 8th year. EWE.
Challenge(s): "Thirsty" for [info]neville100
Word count: 100x9
Author's notes: Unbetaed. Continuation of the Professor series.

This chapter kinda went away from me.

Neville lay relaxed into the sofa at Charlie's flat with Theo in his arms. They’d been resting, given the night they'd had with Charlie, while Charlie was in the shower. Neville had wanted to join him, but, he was far too tired. Soon, Charlie would be in the living room with them; he could only imagine what they'd be doing next.

Not that Neville was complaining. This was the most fun they'd had with another bloke. Neville and Theo had shared their bed with plenty of the students at Hogwarts, but there was something about Charlie that was different. It was good to know, to feel, Charlie was as thirsty for them, as they were for him. He thought maybe it was because this was all so forbidden. Charlie was a professor. He wasn't their professor, and if anything, he and Charlie were friends because of the war; their association had nothing to do with Hogwarts or a teacher-student relationship, but it felt wrong. Maybe that's why it felt so good.

Theo stirred in his arms as Neville heard the Floo roar. He didn't have time to panic as people he knew, his friends, were stepping out of the fireplace.

"What the bloody hell?" Ron said, his eyes wide, taking in the scene in front of him. It wasn't scandalous by far. Both Theo and Neville were more than half-dressed; they were under the throw that'd been on the sofa. It was perhaps because Neville and Theo weren't fully dressed, and resting on the sofa in Charlie's flat. In Romania.

"Oh no…" he heard Malfoy mutter who immediately looked away while Hermione and Ginny gasped, making an obvious realisation.

"What's going on…?" Charlie entered the living room in nothing but black shorts that were so tight, the outline of his cock was visible. Neville gulped, his heart racing a million miles a minute. How were they going to explain this? To Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and Draco Malfoy. Although, Neville had been under the impression Malfoy was already aware of the developments in Theo's life.

"Fuck," Charlie muttered next.

"Charlie, what's…I don't even know what to ask," Ginny said, looking slightly embarrassed. "When you'd told me you were—is this—I don't—" Ginny seemed to be struggling with words.

And Harry? Harry was simply gaping at them.

"We're all consenting adults," Theo said, sitting up on the sofa, dragging the throw away from Neville, while exposing more of his unopened shirt.

"What are you all doing here anyway?" Charlie asked, his tone accusatory, and he was still mostly naked; he ran a hand through his wet hair, shaking his head.

Neville could see the embarrassed older brother in him. The Hogwarts Professor who shouldn't have been caught with students. He was certain Charlie's siblings or Neville's friends for that matter wouldn't report him—if there was something to report but this was not a good situation. Their secret was out.

"Mum wanted us to come by and check on you. She said you've been missing a lot of the family weekends and she was worried. Frankly, she thought you were dating someone and were too embarrassed by the family…Merlin, good thing she's not here…"

"What's the big deal?" Malfoy said, sounding something a mix of amused and frustrated. "I told you, Potter, it was a bad idea. We should have just gone away for the weekend like we'd originally planned." Harry turned to look at Malfoy, a knowing look on his face.

Neville was right, Malfoy did know. He immediately turned to look at Theo, who shrugged at him. "I had to tell someone," Theo whispered. "I'm not good at keeping it all in."

"Wait…" Ginny said, as if she'd heard Theo. Then Hermione asked, "Malfoy, you knew?"

Malfoy's face reddened immediately and then Harry spoke up. "Draco, is that right?"

"This is my flat, and this is my life…" Charlie spoke softly. He was the oldest one in the room, and though Neville was overwhelmed, Charlie was epitome of calm. When the others were busy talking to each other, Charlie had managed to summon a long, black dressing gown, which he'd wrapped around himself.

"Maybe we can talk about this when things aren't…I mean, there's nothing to talk about really, like I said—"

"How long had you known?" Ron asked Malfoy.

Malfoy shrugged. "It's a fling. Let them be, Weasley. No one barges into your room when you're alone with Granger—"

"A fling?" Ginny repeated the words as Neville had also thought them at the same time. Is that was Theo had told Malfoy?

"A fling?" Charlie said; Neville heard disappointment in his voice, wondering if it was his imagination or the hurt was there.

Malfoy looked as if he'd not meant to blurt that out. "We're all moving past the war, alright? No need to judge your friends as if you've not done things to forget what we've all been through. Theo's my friend and he confided in me. I wasn't going to run off and tell any of you. I know…" Malfoy paused to look at Harry. "I know this might hurt you, Harry, but Theo confided in me."

"For Merlin's sake. Can you all leave?" Theo said, pleading more than anything else.

Neville's heart sank as he realised their fun was over. Whatever this was with Charlie was about to be over too.

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