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The Professor, Part 29 - Neville, Theo, Charlie

Title: The Professor, Part 29
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Character(s): Neville, Theo, Charlie
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): 8th year. EWE.
Challenge(s): Waiting for [info]neville100 and Loyalty for [livejournal.com profile] mixandmatch100
Word count: 100x10
Author's notes: Unbetaed. Continuation of the Professor series.

"We don't have to get hurt if we know what we're doing," said Neville when they returned to his room. No one was back from dinner yet which was good. They'd skipped dinner as they'd got to Hogsmeade earlier in the day for a big lunch; then spent the rest of the afternoon by the lake.

"I just don't know if we can all do so much waiting," replied Theo. "Don't get me wrong. I'm having fun. I know I fucked up a few weekends ago when — it all nearly blew up in our face — but, Nev… I still won't believe he wants me the way he wants you. Or if it'd even bother him if I went away. I know what it's like when we're together—"

Neville closed the distance between them and pulled Theo close to him. "I don't wanna talk about this now, if that's okay?"

Theo rested his head against Neville's shoulder, nodding, "Okay."

"I can't take this. It's killing me. We still have time left. I don't wanna imagine the end because maybe there's no end. Maybe I'm naive. Or maybe — it'll just work out. Somehow. Someway. You know?"

"I hope so…"

Charlie's voice startled them both; they broke apart.

"What are you doing here?" Neville asked as Theo came by his side, wrapping his arm around Neville's shoulder. Neville could feel how tense Theo's body was; he didn't like this reaction out of him. Theo was always secure, always confident, but not around Charlie. This was becoming a problem.

Charlie and Theo needed to spend time together. Without him. Theo needed to trust Charlie; he needed to trust Neville wasn't going to run away with him and leave Theo behind.

"I told Ron to give me some time alone with you," Charlie said entering the room and closing the door behind him, but not completely. He was still a professor, and there had to be boundaries.

"Very well," Theo said in a soft voice. "Have you come here to let us know something?"

Charlie chuckled low. If that wasn't just the sexiest thing in the world. Neville knew Theo felt it too because he stood up straighter and grasped Neville's shoulder. Hard. Theo obviously had a reaction to Charlie simply exuding his sexiness.

"I just stopped by to make sure you boys were all right. I know the next few weeks are going to be difficult with the exams coming up; then everyone will be expected to pack up, leave Hogwarts for good…" He paused to shrug, looking around the room, avoiding their gazes. "I know it was a tough time for me to know I was never going to come back here…as a student, I mean. I didn't know then I would be teaching here…"

He looked at both Neville and Theo; his expression softened. "You've your whole lives ahead of you."

"A life I hope you would wanna be a part of," said Neville. "For the time being, anyway."

"I'd like that," replied Charlie. He took a step closer and then turned his gaze to the door for one second. "I don't want you to think I don't care. I don't want you think we can't have more after…this. After Hogwarts." His tone was hushed and Neville knew he was more scared than they were. Not just because he was emotionally invested in their relationship but also because he was a professor at Hogwarts. He would probably get fired if anyone found out. His reputation would be tarnished. Probably.

"You don't have to worry about us," replied Neville in an equally hushed tone. "I don't want you to get in any trouble. What we have— we'll have that. But away from this. Away from secrets."

Charlie smiled at Neville, looking glad that Neville understood what he meant. Or at least, that's what Neville thought. He knew what was at stake here. He knew he needed to protect Charlie as much he had to protect Theo's heart.

When Charlie's gaze fell on Theo, Neville spoke again. "Do you want me to give you a minute?" Both Charlie and Theo looked at him, confused. "I can guard the door. Just to be safe. You two can talk."

Without their confirmation, he left to stand by the door. His back rested against the wood, looking half into the hallway. At times, turned his gaze towards his men.

Neville watched as Charlie took one step closer to Theo, taking Theo's chin in his hand and tipping it up. "You don't have any faith in me, boy…" he whispered low, and all sexy, that made Neville shiver. He could only imagine what it was doing to Theo.

"So what if I don't?" replied Theo.

"You want me?"

"What? What kind of question—"

"Answer it. Tell me."

"Yeah…" Theo said, his voice shaking. "I want you."

"You want me and him together?" Charlie asked.

Theo nodded. "Yeah. Together."

Charlie placed his hand on Theo's chest and gently pushed him. Theo took a step back. Charlie smiled, his hand still on top of Theo's heart. Then he took Theo's hand placing it on top of his own heart. Their hands rested on each other's chests while they locked their gaze — Neville was about to lose it; tears were going to flow involuntarily. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. They'd shared many lovers together but he had never seen another man care of Theo in such a way which filled his heart with joy and broke it at the same time.

"If it doesn't work, it doesn't work because of you and me. Not because of Neville. I care for him. I know you care for him too. He has your heart but I want some room too, okay?" Charlie asked. Theo nodded.

"You both are in here…" Charlie removed his hand from Theo's chest, placing it on top of Theo's hand on his own heart.

"Together. As one. As mine."

Then, Theo kissed Charlie.

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