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Wrapping Up - All Roads Lead Home, CH 27

Chapter Title: Wrapping Up
All Roads Lead Home, CH 27
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Word Count: 425
Rating: PG
Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] dracoharry100: TINSEL. [community profile] adventdrabbles: Tinsel
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Unbetaed. (AO3 LINK)

Thin strips of tiny metal foils fell on the floor as Sharla started to wrap up the Christmas tree in the great hall of The Home. Another Christmas season was coming to an end,and another New Year's beginning where Draco was alone.

It wasn't necessarily that Draco felt lonely, it was just the fact of how he almost had somebody and then that person was taken away from him.

Where was Potter? How was he doing?

Was he settling well in Mexico—wherever he was? Why did he need to leave right after Christmas? Was that by choice or something else? These were all very good questions Draco should have asked when Potter was still here but of course, he hadn't. Because, like a fool, Draco had tried to distance away from Potter than give into his curiosity, his feelings, his desire of wanting to be with Potter.

Some things never changed, he supposed. Draco was always slow at learning a lesson.

He'd know. He had many, many scars to prove this point.

"Do you have big plans for New Year's Eve?" Sharla asked him as they boxed up almost all the decorations away to place balloons and magical confetti spells.

"Not really," replied Draco. "My friend Pansy is having a soiree, not sure if I'll attend."

"Because of Mr Potter."

"Because of what now?"

"You know, I noticed you and Mr Potter were friends and he's not here anymore. I mean, that much Teddy told me."

"Ah Teddy. That little future Hufflepuff," Draco said with a sigh and chuckled. "Yes, Mr Potter and I were close and he's not here anymore so you know… it is what it is. I might attend the party my friend's having or I might simply stay at home, not sure yet. It's just a regular night. Some people celebrate but I like having a quiet night with no drama, my mother not breathing down my neck, and The Home being all settled a good reason to celebrate."

"You're very young to end up sounding like a forty-something, Draco," Sharla said.

Maybe she was right but he didn't argue. He only smiled at her and they continued working. She didn't need to know more and Draco had not much to share. His evening, his entire fucking year was going to be a quiet one, so it seemed.

Potter, who he didn't even want in the first place, wasn't here.

And if they ever re-connected, Draco would have a reason to celebrate. But at the current moment, he didn't.

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