June 2020



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Inciting (Wanting Harry*)

Title: Inciting
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Character(s): Neville, Draco, Harry
Rating: R
Challenge(s): "A New Man" for [community profile] neville100 | [info]neville100
Word count: 100x2
Author's notes: Unbetaed. Part 29 of "Wanting Harry "series.

Harry got home and looked in the mirror. Was he supposed to look different now? Was he a new man? You spent the night with two men last night. He'd been with Neville and Malfoy.

It might’ve been the first time he'd did it, but not the first time he'd wanted to. He'd always had a bit of a thing for Malfoy, of course, but Neville. And Neville.

Neville understood him in a way no one else could. Harry had been quite invisible until he wasn't, and it was more or less how Neville had once explained it to him. Neville had been living his life until the war, and then he was also a hero. He received attention wherever he went.

They couldn't escape it.

Throw Malfoy in the mix and everything became equally more confusing and equally more complicated. But it'd been fun. It'd been incredible, actually.

He didn't know if he could be with one of them now and not want the other to be there too. It was obvious to Harry, even if it wasn't obvious to them, Neville and Malfoy belonged together.

They were such an item in a way, it was envying. And inciting.

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