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September 18th, 2018

Retail Therapy (Scorpius, James, Teddy)

Title: Retail Therapy
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing: Scorpius, James, Teddy
Word Count: 100x3
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Prompt 152: Madam Malkin's for [community profile] hp_nextgen100
A/N: Unbetaed. Harry/Draco background. Continuation of Worth The Wait Series.

Retail Therapy )

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OTP love in DRIZZLE (see: harry/draco)

We're in the 3rd week for the DRIZZLE FEST and I'm excited to bring you the OTP love. Here's the list of Harry/Draco fics that have posted so far, and many more are to come! Enjoy!

Title: Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain [podfic]
Length: podfic, 2 hrs 10 min
Summary: faithwood's original summary: It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that's ever so cross.

Title: Haunted [podfic]
Length: podfic, 8 min 30 sec
Summary: icicle33's original summary: Draco always has a follower when he visits Snape's grave.

Title: A Ghastly Night
Summary: "The last person Draco expected to see on his doorstep in the torrential rain was a very wet and very naked Potter"

Title: The Storm Abated as Night Grew Close
Summary: Aurors Potter and Malfoy are separated from the rest of their team when a sandstorm hits their camp. Will they continue to be able to ignore the tension between them when there's no one else around to act as a buffer?

Title: It Started In A Club
Word Count: 3721
Summary: It's the hottest summer in a century when Harry and Draco get married.

Title: Rump Roast
Word Count: ~1450
Summary: Harry's bum is sunburned, and Draco seizes the opportunity to roast him.

Title: A Charmed Mess
Word Count: 1678
Summary: It was meant to be a bit of a friendly competition between former rivals. So how did it turn into this mess?

Title: Only a Change of Time
Word Count: 2343
Summary: Sometimes, love takes many seasons.

Title: Thank You, Henrietta
Word Count: ~7100
Summary: Lily is on her way to Hogwarts for the last time. Harry wants to celebrate by throwing the perfect party, and Draco is determined to help.

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This entry was originally posted at https://digthewriter.dreamwidth.org/634435.html. Thanks for reading

The Bookshop, Part 50

Title: The bookshop, part 50
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] draco100 PROMPT: Blood
Character(s) / Pairing(s): Draco/Harry
Rating: PG
Word count: 100x2
Warnings: NA
Notes: The next part in the series: "The Bookshop"

"I'm sure there won't be any blood when supper is served. No need to look so scared, Potter."

"It's not that…" Potter drawled. "I don't wish to overstay my wel—"

And then Draco kissed him. Again. He really was enjoying kissing Potter whenever he wanted and he wanted to. Now. All the time.

"Will you stay?" Draco asked, nudging himself close to Potter. "It'll make me feel better. I'd like to show you…" Now it was Draco's turn to be shy.

"Show me what?" Potter asked, sounding breathless.

"Just something…" Draco said softly and Potter's eyes widened. "Not that, fool." He couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh, okay," Potter said, confused. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be brilliant."

Now, it was Draco's turn to roll his eyes.

"You know, I don't understand you at all, Malfoy. One moment, you're sweet, the other, you're taunting me. And when I think I have you figured out, you kiss me like you've been wanting to for ages. After that, you act like I'm simply the most exhausting thing in the world."

Draco chuckled. "What can I say? I think you're starting to understand me after all."

"Or, that I'll go mad doing so."

This entry was originally posted at https://digthewriter.dreamwidth.org/634786.html. Thanks for reading