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Oct. 23rd, 2018

October. The Writing Month.

On Sept 30 I watched like 15 film trailers on amazon prime video b/c I couldn't figure out what movie/show I wanted to watch. Then I saw one trailer which I thought was funny and then later, decided that I wanted to write a Drarry fic based on that trailer.

For the next 3 weeks - almost, I wrote almost every day. Average of 1k a day for this fic based on this rando trailer I watched.

And now that fic is complete.

It's kind of unbelievable that I just decided to get over myself and all this bullshit drama and everything else going on in my personal life - and just write this fic out.

I also didn't go to work on Friday or today as I'd originally requested it as vacation but ended up not going on a trip still didn't go to work (b/c I hate my job and they don't need to know i didn't go on my trip...) And I watched 18 episodes of Brooklyn nine-nine today. (Just on Monday). 18 episodes.

I might need help.

But I wrote a 20k Harry/Draco fic in less than a month, you guys. You can do fucking anything you want, if you set your mind to it. Apparently.

I still haven't seen the actual film. I have no idea if my fic is anything like what happens. LOL. Probably not. I made it kinda very needy for each other Harry/Draco and the main characters in that trailer didn't know each other when they'd met. My characters, obviously, have a very long history, etc...

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Jul. 3rd, 2018

June Writing and Masterlist

June masterlist.

Title Pairing WORD COUNT LINK 1 LINK 2 Challenge?
Femslash/Random rare pair
Red Wine and Redheads Ginny/Luna 535 LJ DW [community profile] rarepair_shorts
Closet Life Ginny/Pansy 400 LJ DW [community profile] rarepair_shorts
Not an employee, but... Kingsley/Charlie 850 LJ DW [community profile] rarepair_shorts
Take Me Away Percy/Oliver 1060 LJ DW [community profile] rarepair_shorts
The Healing Touch Snape/Aberforth Dumbledore 1000 LJ DW [community profile] rarepair_shorts
Threesome/Continuing Series
Together - Wanting Harry Draco, Neville, Harry 300 LJ DW [community profile] neville100
The Professor, Part 27 Neville, Charlie, Theo 500 LJ DW [community profile] neville100
The Professor, Part 28 Neville, Charlie, Theo 200 LJ DW [community profile] neville100
Pre Party Fun Scorpius, James, Teddy 700 LJ DW [community profile] hp_nextgen100
Doubt Scorpius, James, Teddy 600 LJ DW [community profile] hp_nextgen100
The Bookshop, Part 43 Harry/Draco 100 LJ DW [community profile] draco100
The Bookshop, Part 44 Harry/Draco 200 LJ DW [community profile] draco100
The Bookshop, Part 45 Harry/Draco 200 LJ DW [community profile] draco100
Draco's Birthday Treat Harry/Draco 1530 LJ DW [livejournal.com profile] hd_birthdaybash
Sweet Surprises Harry/Draco 150 LJ DW [livejournal.com profile] hd_birthdaybash
Close Quarters Harry/Draco 3100 LJ DW [info]daily_deviant
Making Other Plans, 5 Arthur/Merlin 980 LJ DW [community profile] ficlet_zone
Making Other Plans, 6 Arthur/Merlin 1240 LJ DW [community profile] ficlet_zone

Total Word Count for June 2018: 13,645

Total Published WC for 2018 (Jan 1 to June 30): 60,900

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Jun. 15th, 2018

ALL THE GIFTS -- all the time.

As you may know, [community profile] rarepair_shorts is posting from June 1 to August 31 and I’ve been working frantically to post a lot of gifts, hoping others will contribute! ;) It’s my way of guilting other people to write, haha. Ok, not really.

In any case, I got 3 awesome gifts today – ALL IN ONE DAY – and they are awesome. See list below and CHECK OUT ALL THE GIFTS.

Against all oddsARTby [livejournal.com profile] nearlyconscious
KeeperARTby [livejournal.com profile] kiertorata
Purple Flowers1412by [livejournal.com profile] sw33tch3rrypi3

I hope you like them, too!

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May. 15th, 2018

Not bad, DIG, not bad.

Total Words Daily Average Daily Avg. (days w/ writing) # Days With Writing
January 5,680 183 710 8
February 9,770 349 752 13
March 14,095 455 1,566 9
April 10,275 343 1,142 9
May 9,435 304 629 15

I am no where near my goal for this year but my WC isn’t really as horrible as I am thinking it is. It’s not the best but we’re still in mid-may so yeah, there’s hope. Also, it’s actually fun to write a chapter EVERY DAY for my “THE DATE” – H/D story and the format is really working out well for me.

I need to start doing this for a MERLIN fic given my Merthur boys are being ignored so hard.

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Apr. 14th, 2018

March 2018 - art and fic masterlist.

Late post is late, but I'm trying to catch up on life. My word count has been disappointing. I feel like I've run out of words for all my favorite characters. Sigh.

Title Pairing WORD COUNT LINK 1 LINK 2 Challenge?
3/1/2018 The Professor, Part 23 Neville, Charlie, Theo 700 LJ DW [community profile] neville100
3/8/2018 Caught Ginny/Hermione 200 LJ DW [community profile] femslashficlets
3/8/2018 Morning Scorpius, James, Teddy 200 LJ DW [community profile] hp_nextgen100
3/8/2018 The Moment of Truth Draco, Neville, Harry 300 LJ DW [community profile] harry100
3/10/2018 The Talk Ginny/Hermione 420 LJ DW [community profile] femslashficlets
3/10/2018 Lost A Bet Harry/Draco 100 AO3 DW Daily_Deviant
3/15/2018 One Night At A Club Pansy/Ginny 3200 LJ (@ hpg) [community profile] hp_getlucky
3/16/2018 The bookshop, part 37 Harry/Draco 100 LJ DW [community profile] draco100
3/22/2018 Bad Ideas Ginny/Hermione 230 LJ DW [community profile] femslashficlets
3/22/2018 The Bookshop, part 38 Harry/Draco 300 LJ DW [community profile] draco100
3/22/2018 Beautiful Dreamer Arthur/Merlin 875 LJ DW [community profile] ficlet_zone

Total word count for March: 6625
Compared to last year: March 2017: 28, 275 (JESUS CHRIST)
Compared to last month: February 2018: 13, 405


We'll always have Paris Merlin/Arthur LJ DW [livejournal.com profile] reelbbcmerlin
A beach house retirement Harry/Draco LJ DW [community profile] hp_goldenage
Do you want to get lucky, malfoy? Harry/Draco LJ @ hp_getlucky DW [community profile] hp_getlucky
Waiting for spring like... Luna/Ginny LJ DW Gift
I'm here for you Ron/Draco LJ DW [community profile] ron_draco_fest

Total word for 2018 so far (published): 22405

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Mar. 4th, 2018

Pimping: a fest all about slash all across fandom(s)

^^ did that even make sense? *shrugs* it's late.

CHECK OUT: [community profile] slashorific

Join Slashorific: A Fanfiction & Fanart Community For All Slash Fans (in all the fandoms).

Theme for 2018: Destinations
Prompts revealed: March 24
Mods provide the prompts. You provide your creation.
Claiming begins: April 1

Posting will take place on Dreamwidth and AO3 | RULES

PIMPING BANNERS ARE HERE and there are a lot of them!

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Sep. 14th, 2017

Due dates and ramblings...

I didn't bother tagging the comms -- but you guys know what's up.

UPDATE: 9.26.17
hd_familyfest - Sept 15
Merlin Canon - Sept 21
hd_fan_fair - Sep 30 (I think. I got an extension)
weasleyjumpers - October 5

Hd-owlpost (times 3) - November 12
hd_erised - Nov. 6

I signed up for hoggywartyxmas again this year.

I will prob. sign up for winterknights - not sure about merlin holidays - it's not really my cup of tea (are they even running?)

And will have to check w/ other mods about the rare pair exchange fest at rarepair_shorts.

Not sure if my CD Co-mod would wanna do an exchange fest again for camelot_drabble b/c I know she had a tough time last year with the participants to check in and that's a serious PIA, yo.

I see that there's a Harry/Draco big bang on the horizon but I'm not sure if I will actually do it b/c big bangs always intimidate me and I end up dropping out b/c I am just not into writing for the long haul...I guess? Maybe I just get scared. I write fluffy romance and no one needs to read tooth rotting fluff for 50k plus. Even though that's exactly what my original fic is about. HA.

Also, here's another "dig is on holiday pic" under the cut.

waterfalls )

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Sep. 13th, 2017

Is that my voice?

You guys, I DID A THING.

Fic: Second Child | written by [livejournal.com profile] mahmfic | Read by: [personal profile] digthewriter.

Links are available here on LJ and HERE on DW.

It's only 2 minutes and ...It's my first podfic ever. So like, don't hate my voice. :D

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Aug. 26th, 2017

That Awkward Moment...

So I have been offline for the most part in the month of August. I'm having a bit of an existential crisis and also taking new medication that's making me nauseous beyond all reason. Stress of running so many fests have caught up to me, and some people, well frankly, have been kind of a-holes to me.

In any case, I also accidentally deleted all my Livejournal and Dreamwidth messages.

I say all this, because, if you are a new person who "friended" me or "added" me to your circle, I might have deleted the message before returning the favour. Please let me know if I didn't add you back, and you'd like for me to do that :) You can email me, it'll probably be the fastest way for me to see your message since I am on a "click delete" accidentally frenzy. [Digthewriter @ gmail. com]

Yours. Always.


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Jul. 4th, 2017

let go

"You’re waiting for a miracle to encourage you
to enter your Heart.
You plead, "Prove to me that I will be okay,
and then I will surely let go."
No. Let go." <3
— Mooji

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Jun. 29th, 2017



a person or people related to one and so to be treated with a special loyalty or intimacy.

Did you know that [community profile] hd_familyfest (despite of what people think of its name) isn't about Harry and Draco and their kids? Or any kid? Or a kid at all?

We want all your FAMILY PROMPTS.

What is life like for Harry and Draco as a unit and dealing with the Weasley Family?

What is about like for them to be each other's family?

Prompting ends on July 1st, so give us ALL YOUR HARRY/DRACO prompts about two unique individuals that learn to love each other -- live with each other -- with or WITHOUT the kids!

What is it like when they're both 110 years old and Draco is like "I just ignore him some evenings because he's just the most exhausting thing ever..."

What is it like when Harry tries to tell a 100 year old Draco to use his knees when he tries to walk / get off the sofa and Draco's all like "OMG, will you stop talking?"

Young, or old, or middle-age, we NEED all your prompts!

So head over to [livejournal.com profile] hd_familyfest or [dreamwidth.org profile] hd_familyfest and give us your prompts before it's too late.


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Jun. 26th, 2017

My friend passed away today.

I didn't know him very well. We became facebook friends a very long time ago b/c we were in the same social networking group and had tried to organize events together.

I knew he was struggling with cancer for a while now as I saw it on FB and I gave the occasional *nod of acknowledgement* and *positive vibes*

His friends and family are pouring all over his wall tonight b/c he's gone - at the age of 31! It's the saddest thing in the world.

No, I didn't know him very well, but no one should have to bury their child, their older brother, their lover. Especially at the age of 30.

It's just really really really sad.

/that is all.

No comments necessary.