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Dec. 7th, 2018

MINI-FEST needs your love!

art by [livejournal.com profile] dustmouth

Are you feeling the HOLIDAY spirit yet? December is upon us! And there are so many fests posting!

But it's not too late to join [livejournal.com profile] mini_fest!

If you didn't previously sign up, but you'd still like to be a part of the fest by helping out as a pinch hitter/fest filler, please let us know!

More information can be found at THIS POST about claiming - but you can just send the MODS an email at hpminifest@gmail.com. (Or let me know!) We need ALL THE HARRY POTTER love AND all the HARRY POTTER art!

You do not have to pick a prompt from the list, just create your own holiday fic/art featuring (any) Harry Potter pairing and (any) rating!

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Nov. 21st, 2018

Free e-book Wed.

It's been a while since I've done one of these - but this popped up in my email today and I grabbed it. Thought I'd share it with you all.

“I might not be every gay man’s wet dream, but I always get a second look.”

Mal Copol knows who they are: Nonbinary. Awesome. Exhausted.


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May. 16th, 2018

My two free gay books of the day.

Must be gay book Wednesday. I just found these gems on AMAZON for free for Kindle. Check 'em out.

book 1 )

Would It Be Okay to Love You? is the first book in a gay romance series set in Japan. If you like original characters, nerd culture, and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love Amy Tasukada’s charming multicultural love story.

book 2 )

"Includes moments of pure hilarity, off-the-wall sex, and downright fun."

As always just sharing the love -- and making no profit. Although, they should pay me. HAHA.

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May. 1st, 2018

April 2018 - Writing and Art Masterlist.

For Courage Draco, Neville, Harry 300 LJ DW [info]neville100
The Professor, Part 24 Neville, Charlie, Theo 300 LJ DW [info]neville100
The Professor, Part 25 Neville, Charlie, Theo 900 LJ DW [info]neville100
Sway Scorpius, James, Teddy 500 LJ DW [livejournal.com profile] hp_nextgen100
What is thy bidding? Harry/Draco 5600 LJ DW [info]daily_deviant
The bookshop, part 39 Harry/Draco 100 LJ DW [livejournal.com profile] draco100
The bookshop, part 40 Harry/Draco 200 LJ DW [livejournal.com profile] draco100
There's nothing like Merlin Arthur/Merlin 870 LJ DW [community profile] ficlet_zone
it's my sweet beginning Arthur/Merlin 100 LJ DW [community profile] ficlet_zone


Another kiss and you'll be mine Harry/Draco AO3 DW [livejournal.com profile] dracotops_harry

Word count for April 2018: 8870

Word count last month: (march 2018) - 6625
Word count last year: (april 2017) – 15055 (wowza!)

Total 2018 words (Jan to April) published: 31, 275

I've only reached 15% of my 2018 goal. Thanks for looking!

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Apr. 19th, 2018

quick (look @ my art) flyby & fic info

I was on holiday the day this was posted at [livejournal.com profile] dracotops_harry but my art for the fest is here.

Another kiss and you'll be mine

Harry used his powers to help Draco when he was turning. Now, he can't seem to turn away from the man trapped in a werewolf's body.

Prompt: # 72 by articcat621 [original prompt: Draco is bitten by a werewolf during the war. Harry helps him cope/adjust.]

And [livejournal.com profile] maraudersaffair wrote a fic with the same prompt and even include a scene w/ the dialogue from my art. (YAY!) It's a super hot fic. And you should read it.

Nothing but a Heartbeat: After Draco is attacked by a werewolf, Harry attempts to help him. Too bad Draco wants to eat him whole.

I hope you guys like it! xoxo

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Mar. 28th, 2018

Free gay book Wednesday

Hi guys, this popped in my inbox today so I thought I'd share it w/ you all.

A pair of Doms discovering an eager submissive… and room for more.

A long time couple losing hope for their marriage… and finding it again with the help of the man they both love.

An abuse survivor learning to love again… thanks to his best friend and his husband.

Trios may not be the norm, but for these men, the answer to the equation of love just might be three.

This collection features three full-length novels – Out of Focus, What He Left Behind, and Hiatus.


I hope you like it, I just bought it for myself. Looking fwd to reading some! xoxo

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Mar. 27th, 2018

art: waiting for spring like...

Pairing: Ginny/Luna
Rating: G
Notes: Created as an early b-day gift for [livejournal.com profile] semperfiona/[personal profile] semperfiona who requested HERE.
Summary: Ginny and Luna take a selfie in the snow.


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Mar. 20th, 2018

10 men meme - because men don't get enough attention. LOL

10 different gentlemen. 10 different fandoms. Tag 10 different people.

I'm doing 11 because I couldn't decided between 8 or 9.

read more )

Share some w/ me, yo!

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Mar. 12th, 2018

I don't make recs, until I do.

"Harry," Draco says, and he turns around. "You're going to love Scorpius. He has your determination. And your big heart. And his magic has a—a certain intense, concentrated quality just like yours does. If he casts a Warming Charm on me, it feels just like you."

I don't make recs, until I do.

Seriously, I like, NEVER make reccs. Also is it recs? or reccs? Anyway...

This was my original prompt that I have LEGIT left as a prompt in comms for YEARS. And this year, thanks to [community profile] hp_goldenage it was fulfilled.

This was my prompt:

On her deathbed, Astoria tells Scorpius that she's not his mother. Draco had carried him and gave birth to him and because of *whatever reason up to the author* Draco had to marry Astoria. They had a good marriage but were just friends and not partners. Now it's up to Scorpius to find his father's true happiness.
Suggested Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco
Theme/Tone: Investigative
Additional Info: Scorpius sets upon himself to find his father's lost love and on his way discovers that he has a bunch of half siblings. Harry and Ginny divorced twenty years ago and Harry never remarried. Is there a chance for Draco and Harry to get together finally?

And this is the gorgeous FUCKING FIC that was written for it.

when by now and tree by leaf Harry/Draco, NC-17
Summary: When Scorpius Malfoy is saying goodbye to his dying mother, he doesn't expect to hear her confess, "Your father slept with another man and became pregnant with you." Grappling with his grief and his identity, Scorpius sets out to discover the identity of his other father, who it turns out has a lighting-shaped scar and no idea that Scorpius exists.


Scorpius turns the page to reveal an older woman with brown curls holding Teddy. He realises it must be his great-aunt. He needs to show this one to his dad—Andromeda looks a bit like his grandmother, especially in the chin and the lips.

He walks to the kitchen, trying not to slam into the wall as he keeps his eyes on the photos, but as he gets to the door he stops short.

His dad and Harry are snogging. Snogging in the kitchen! He takes a small step back, but he can't tear his eyes away because his dad—his father—is pushing Harry against the counter and threading his fingers though Harry's hair.

"The last time I did something this reckless was the last time we got together," Draco says, pulling away a few centimetres.

Harry hooks one of his thumbs in the back of Draco's trousers, and he looks earnest as he says, "It's not the same, though."


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Mar. 1st, 2018

January and February 2018 - Writing and Art Masterlist

Slow start to the year – I think I was just quite burned/burnt out from all the writing towards the end of 2017 so I took a massive break in January and quite sure came back with a vengeance in February.

Writing Masterlist )

Total Word Count for January and February: 14620


(art+drabble): getting ready Luna/Ginny LJ DW
Valentine's Day Merlin/Arthur LJ DW
Kiss Proof Harry/Draco LJ DW

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Nov. 30th, 2017

November 2017 - Fic and Art Masterlist


+ Hugo/Scorpius: Come Closer [LJ / DW]
+ Luna/Astoria: Do What Feels Right [LJ / DW]
+ Harry/Draco: Once Upon A Time [LJ / DW]

FIC CLAIMS from anon fest or past challenges

+ Neville/Charlie: Learning to hate the dark for [info]daily_deviant: LJ / DW | WC: 4295
+ Sirius/Charlie: his bad manners and his cold nose for [livejournal.com profile] sirius_black: LJ / DW | WC: 5700


click for table )
Total Word Count for November: 7, 125

Previous Month (October): 14, 180
Previous Year (Nov 2016): 14, 070

Total Word Count for all the writing and fests published, 2017.
Jan 1 - Nov 30: 192, 545

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November Audiobook List

# Title Author Length - Audio My rating Date Finished
1 Well-Tailored: A Thorne and Dash Companion Story Violet, Silvia 7 hours B- Nov 05, 2017
2 More Than This Ness, Patrick 11 hours A- Nov 14, 2017
3 Lies & Diamonds & Bears (Love, Vegas Style, #2) Stone, Ethan 2 hours B- Nov 16, 2017
4 The Soldier's Scoundrel (The Turner Series, #1) Sebastian, Cat 8 hours A Nov 22, 2017
5 The Lawrence Browne Affair (The Turner Series, #2) Sebastian, Cat 7.5 hours A- Nov 26, 2017
35.5 hours

This was a pretty decent month, I thought - regarding the quality of the books. "More than this" is a YA pg-13 book that [livejournal.com profile] writcraft recommended and I have to say it was pretty great. The 11 hours just flew by and the author did a great job really getting into the main character's head. I really appreciated everything about each character and it's a dark story with a sci-fi twist I was not expecting. The surprise of the month came from my newly discovered author "Cat Sebastian" who is just pretty amazing at writing historical gay fiction. The two books in the series that I finished were incredible in their own way and I loved her take on all the characters. I'm in love with Cat's writing style.

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Nov. 16th, 2017

Audiobook / LGBT book recap - August, September, Ocotber 2017

So here’s the news… I cancelled my AUDIBLE ACCOUNT. LIKE omg. Everytime I go on audible.com, they show me this sweet message:


But the OTHER news is that I still have about 15 audiobooks purchased in my library that I need to get through. So I cancelled my account, but I am going to renew it in 6 months. I just don’t want to pay 15.00 dollars a month when I have an extensive library.

I also haven’t updated my list of audiobooks since July.

So below is the list for Aug/Sept/Oct 2017 and about 60+ hours of audiobooks. September was pretty low b/c I was out of the country for 2.5 weeks and then I was playing catch up on ALL THE FESTS and MOD duties. Sigh.

Title Author Length My Grade/Rating Date Finished
Fitting In (Fitting In #1) Violet, Silvia 4.5 HOURS B 8/16/2017
Skin After Skin (PsyCop #8) Price, Jordan Castillo 15 HOURS A 8/29/2017
Silken Starling, Isobel 2.5 HOURS B+ 9/18/2017
Canning the Center (Long Pass Chronicles, #2) Lain, Tara 9 HOURS C- 9/18/2017
The Rebuilding Year (The Rebuilding Year, #1) Harper, Kaje 9.75 HOURS B+ 10/12/2017
The Shape of You Stevens, Felice 6.75 HOURS B- 10/19/2017
The Undercover Rock Star (Bulletproof, #1) Galicki, Jenna 2 HOURS B- 10/20/2017
Olive Juice Klune, T.J. 5 HOURS A- 10/31/2017
Sin and the Preacher's Son Dee, Bonnie 7.5 HOURS B+ 10/8/2017
A Special Delivery Bailo, Laura KINDLE FREE EDITION B- 10/28/2017

If you want, you can friend me on goodreads here.

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Free Gay Books (Is back)

Hi guys, it's been a while since I updated you on this. My quest to find great LGBT (steamy and some not so steamy romances) continues.

I got an email today...

A Whole Lot of Free Books!

The best MM romance authors have come together to bring you hot, sexy reads - absolutely free! Hurry up! The giveaway lasts only until November 26th!


Again, as always, I'm just passing along free goodness. I get nothing from this. And they probably don't like it that I share it so much.

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Nov. 13th, 2017

New Writing Challenge, YO. (Maybe some art too)

My prompt table for the [livejournal.com profile] newyearcntdown. I'm not sure how much I can incorporate / will participate in. I kind of hate Christmas traditions (and given I don't celebrate them b/c of my religious affiliations).

Pairings are all up in the air, I'm thinking some HD, of course, Merlin/Arthur, Charlie/Neville... any thoughts?

Winter's Chill First decorations Unusual vacations Hanukkah Spiced Cider
Mistletoe Hot water Chaos Midnight Trimming the tree
Cold feet Peace Freebie Gingerbread Hats
Lonely Hot chocolate Helpful Baking Winter fairy tales
Children Ice skating Yule Snowfall Bells

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Nov. 8th, 2017

I'm not freaking out.

see: I'm freaking out

Date Title of Fest Status
11/6/2017 hd_erised Submitted
11/27/2017 Small Gifts - Remus/Sirius With Beta
12/5/2017 hoggywartyxmas First Draft is terrible
11/12/2017 hd_owlpost (3 gifts) er... 1 down 2 to go
12/18/2017 Rare Pair Shorts Winter Exchange What Even?

New Year’s Countdown is posting from Dec 1 to 31. Slythindor100 is from Dec 1 to 25 and DracoHarry100 gives you all the prompts up front and you can just write ONE STORY w/ all the prompts. Which I’ve totally done in the past. LOL.

Things in the back of my mind that I may or may not eventually do something for: winterknights (Merlin), and mini_fest (Harry Potter).

Also – this may or may not be happening – I have like no clue and I’m not asking the mod about it (lol): exchange fest for Camelot_Drabble.

Also, things all MODS need to do: 1. Post a link to your community in your email b/c it’s easier to click on a link than go looking and figuring out how to spell your comm name – esp when it’s not something easy like “small_gifts” 2. Always ALWAYS ALWAYS INCLUDE THE DUE DATE (esp if it’s a fest) in your email. ALWAYS. It’s awful having to go searching for the due date if you’re not someone who has a calendar handy. 3. Try to link the rules page (or the header page) in your email.

Anyway, as you were. | What are you guys working on?

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Oct. 25th, 2017

LOL daily life...

When you can't stand someone and they offer hugs...

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Oct. 18th, 2017

Free LGBT [F/F] book Wednesday!

I got an email about this today and realized I've already purchased it. it's free today on AMAZON!

Can a house save the lives of the people who live in it? Can an inscription written in a book over sixty years ago change the fates of people not even born when it was written?

Beryl Gray is solid and dependable – her partner, Claire, thinks so, her family thinks so, her colleagues think so. She has a long-term relationship and a job she likes as a university librarian. Her life seems settled, content – except nothing is as it seems.

Aggie Bishop's last girlfriend left her three years ago and she hasn't had a date since. Her life now revolves around work and taking care of her great-aunt Cory who doesn't want to be taken care of. Aunt Cory still lives in the run-down mansion that the rest of the family wants to sell if they can only get the old lady into a nursing home. Aggie is all that stands between them and her great-aunt.

When Beryl finds a book with a romantic inscription dated 1945, the events that follow will change the lives of all three women forever.

Spanning decades, this enchanting tale reminds us that some loves never fade and that sometimes, home truly is where the heart lies. (approx. 81,000 words)


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Oct. 13th, 2017

September 2017 - Writing Masterlist

September was a very slow month b/c I was travelling for the first two weeks and then had to come back and play catch up on all the MOD duties.

Low word count, but satisfying, nonetheless.

Title Pairing Word Count LJ LINK DW LINK Challenge?
Confusion Harry/Draco 300 LJ DW harry100
The Bookshop, Part 26 Harry/Draco 100 LJ DW draco100
The Bookshop, Part 27 Harry/Draco 100 LJ DW draco100
Round Two Neville/Charlie 2290 LJ DW weasleyjumpers
The Professor, Part 16 Neville/Theo, Charlie 100 LJ DW mixandmatch100 + neville100
The Professor, Part 17 Neville/Theo, Charlie 100 LJ DW mixandmatch100 + neville100
Living In The Now Scorpius, James, Teddy 100 LJ DW hp_nextgen100
Hiding Hermione/Ginny 215 LJ DW femslashficlets
A Warning Merlin/Arthur 150 LJ DW camelot_drabble
Car Confessions Merlin/Arthur 1200 LJ DW camelot_drabble
Conversation Merlin/Arthur 500 LJ DW camelot_drabble
Desire Merlin/Arthur 300 LJ DW camelot_drabble
Disappointment Merlin/Arthur 770 LJ DW camelot_drabble

September 2017 WC: 6225

WC for 2017 (Jan 1 – Sept 30, 2017): 165, 450

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Playing Catch Up - August 2017 Masterlist.

Catching up on "masterlists" and all that - and organizing my word count. Here's August! OMG, I'm so far behind.

Merlin, Harry Potter, and other surprises! )


Compared to last month/last year:

Last month: July 2017: 24,625 (damn!)
Last year: August 2016: 14,520

YTD WC Jan 1 - August 31, 2017: 159,225

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