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Jun. 24th, 2017

FIC: Getting A Reaction... [Ron/Draco]

Title: Getting a reaction…
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing: Ron/Draco [Background: Ginny/Pansy, Neville/Charlie, and others]
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2135
Notes: Totally unbetaed. Written for [livejournal.com profile] rarepair_shorts with my recipient being: [personal profile] hikorichan. I intentionally left Harry out of the fic b/c as always, when it comes to Draco being with someone else, I can never decide who to pair Harry with — so we can take this as Harry being asexual, or being with someone more of an OMC. Also, I didn't want to make everyone in the fic gay, lol, so that's another reason good enough to leave him off-screen. Enjoy.

Summary: Ron does his best to avoid Malfoy, until he can't.

Getting a reaction… )

This entry was originally posted at http://digthewriter.dreamwidth.org/496630.html. Please comment anywhere you'd like. Thanks for reading

Jun. 13th, 2017

FIC: Let me make it okay [Ron/Draco]

Title: Let me make it okay
Author/Artist: [personal profile] digthewriter
Rating: PG-13
Word Count/: 2400
Warnings or Content: EWE. Auror Partners. Sharing a bed. Pre-slash.
Disclaimer: Characters don't belong to me. This story is written for fun and not for profit.
Notes: All my thanks to [personal profile] icicle33 for the beta. Originally created for [community profile] ron_draco_fest 2017 in March.
Summary: Ron has a new partner. He's trying to keep a bit of distance between himself and said partner. Except now, they have to share a bed together.

Let Me Make It Okay )

This entry was originally posted at http://digthewriter.dreamwidth.org/492248.html. Please comment anywhere you'd like. Thanks for reading

Mar. 21st, 2016

Till There Was You - Ron/Draco

Title: Till There Was You
Author/Artist: [info]digthewriter
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Type: FIC
Word Count/Medium: ~4730
Warnings or Content: Non Magical AU/Muggle AU. Slight mention of emotional infidelity between Draco and another character.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: A million thanks to [info]tavia_d and [info]josephinestone for all the beta help. All the remaining mistakes are mine.
Summary: Draco feels like he’s in a dead-end relationship with Blaise. Still, he keeps going to Blaise’s office and chatting up with his boyfriend’s PA, Ron Weasley.

Or the day Ron Weasley quits his job is the day Draco realises he's in the wrong relationship.

Till There Was You )